*NEW* Lemon Tea Ice Pop

Fancy a glass of cool, iced lemon tea? Why not go one step colder and try ourlemon tea ice pop? Freshly brewed tea using pure, natural lemon juice squeezed straight from the fruit is frozen into an ice pop form! The definition of refreshing.


Mid-Autumn indulgence from XTC Gelato

XTC Gelato presents our delightful gelato mooncake collection, in four premium flavours – Hong Kong Milk Tea, Pistachio, Raspberry and Vanilla. All flavours have a mango sorbetto “yolk” and a crispy chocolate coating. These delicious, low-fat treats are a tasty, guilt-free alternative to the traditional mooncake.
Enjoy the early bird offer with special price $199 (Original: $285) before 31th Aug!


Summer Love!

Summer means just two things in Hong Kong, heat and more heat! If only there was a way to escape those soaring temperatures…

Dive into XTC Gelato and try a scoop of our instantly refreshing sorbetto, our natural, low-fat gelato!

Rose Petal Lychee
There is nothing like rose to add a hint of luxury and romance. We have been making our rose petal flavour for years and this is an exciting new twist on the current flavour. The natural sweetness from the lychee brings out the unique fragrance of the rose. A subtle and romantic combination of delicate flavours.