81st Wedding Expo!

We are at the Wedding Expo from 11-13 Dec in HKCEC! It was great to meet our clients! Feel free to contact us for the gelato cart packges! We make fresh gelato in HK and create an unforgettable experience for you!


Stride for a cure

We were invited to sell our freshly made gelato in Tai Tam Country Park last Saturday! Part of the sales will be donated to the Hong Kong Cancer Fund! Thanks to the great weather and everyone enjoyed our gelato!


Festive Special is ready!

XTC Gelato has creatively adapted some of your favourite traditional winter dishes into delightful, festive desserts.
Innovative new flavours will start being scooped from our winter season menu from now.

Chinese Potato Soup- Having previously created the Real Pineapple Bun and egg pudding, we are now bringing you another Hong Kong Specialty!
Baked Apple Crumble- Apples are caramelised in brown sugar, creating a delicious fruit puree.
Pumpkin Pepper – This signature, winter flavour has a wonderful orange colour and a strong, deep pumpkin flavour. The dynamic flavour is highlighted with a burst of sharp, black pepper.