Celebrating a 10,000Km cycle ride

Cycling through 7 countries from Istanbul in Turkey, via Iran and finally through N.W. China to Macau and Hong Kong, these two XTC Gelato fans finished their epic journey on Saturday 3 May at the Hong Kong Country Club. Alex Middleton and James Frome, both born in Hong Kong, cycled over 10,000 km through the winter months where temperatures reached as low as -40°C.

The XTC Gelato team would like to congratulate the pair for their efforts and courage, and for raising money for the wonderful Sarah Greene Breakthrough Tribute Fund – a medical research unit for triple negative breast cancer. The pair celebrated their arrival in Hong Kong with a well deserved scoop of their faviourite XTC Gelato flavours!

“We have been dreaming of this day” said Alex.


Fresh face at our Star Ferry shop

XTC Gelato’s signature red branding is looking bright and fresh following renovation. Our customers are enjoying the new look and the thirty-four flavours of sorbetto and gelato on offer.