Gelato Mooncakes by XTC

Mid Autumn festival was celebrated by many of our fans with our special collection of gelato mooncakes. Don’t miss out next year and we offer special rates for corporate orders.


Pop star – Kay Tse enjoying a scoop of XTC gelato!

XTC Gelato teamed up with GSK Sensodyne toothpaste in Causeway Bay to promote their True White toothpaste. Our team served a free scoop of Clover Honey Yoghurt gelato to over 2,000 participants that day.
Kay Tse was the star of the show and is seen with her scoop of XTC.


Cucumber Campaign with XTC Gelato

XTC Gelato partnered with the household brand ‘Dettol’ to promote the new Dettol cucumber body wash. We created a new cucumber gelato flavor for this event and turned out to be our biggest scooping event ever, with a free scoop being served every 15 seconds for two days. A great success all round!