The press says…

“The best gelato in Hong Kong if not Asia.”

Nellie Ming Lee - writer & food stylist

“Ice cream cures everything! Ask any 6 year old!”

“Good things come in small packages. This little spot is perfect if you want to grab and go, or there’s a few seats outside. The artisanal Italian recipes are low in cream, high on flavor. The award winning Chocolate XTC is a fave, as is the Toasted Almond flavour, and no chemicals, artificial enhancers, preservatives or other nasties are used.”

“XTC were one of the first gelato purveyors to make a splash in Hong Kong and have become arguably the most recognisable gelato stands in town.”

“XTC Gelato fans go the extra step to have Hong Kong’s original and healthy low fat gelato brand, named as ‘the best gelato east of Italy’ at their event.”

“Get your lips chilled with XTC Gelato’s fruity sorbets.”

“XTC is our top pick for the best gelato in town.”

“With a full array of sorbets, plus fro-yos, chocolate covered gelato sticks, ice cream sandwiches, fresh fruit pops and even full-blown gelato cakes, you're bound to find your signature flavour here.”

Our customers say…

Stephen S. Roach - formerly Morgan Stanley Asia

“We indulged with great passion at XTC.”

From one of London’s top jewelers following her visit to Hong Kong

“I have an empty XTC pot on my desk and dream of Lavender ice cream!”

Charlie Carnegie - XTC Gelato fan

“The best gelato east of Italy.”

Ludovic Douteau - Executive pastry chef

“I can only praise the virtues of that excellent Lemon Yoghurt Gelato made by XTC. Indeed, I find it to be the perfect match with some of my most popular desserts, bringing a fresh, clean and light finishing touch to my creations. But moreover, I really enjoy it on its own; that crisp lemon kick that comes along the creaminess of the yoghurt, it just keeps me addicted!”

Gregoire Michaud - Celebrity pastry chef

“They always introduce new and innovative flavours”

Ben… and his 80 year old family friend

“When it was time to order dessert, the gentleman was telling the table how his daughter brought home this AMAZING ‘ice cream’ by the name of; X… ehhh… T… ehh’ and I said, ‘XTC???’ ‘YES! XTC’!”