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Blueberry Cheesecake (15cm)
Biscuit base below cheesecake gelato finished
with blueberry sauce and raspberry quenelles

$350         Quantity

Chocolate (15cm)
Classic 70% Valrhona chocolate gelato with dark
chocolate glazing and chocolate quenelles

$330         Quantity

Mango Coconut (15cm)
Tropical flavour of fresh mango coconut gelato with white chocolate coating. The decoration comes with three coconut chocolate truffles, mango and raspberry pieces and edible premium gold leaf.

$330         Quantity

Green Tea (16cm)
Premium matcha Japanese green tea gelato cake coated with green tea. Decorated with a raspberry couli dice and edible rose petals and leaves.

$350         Quantity

Macadamia Nut (15cm)
Fresh macadamia nut gelato with milk chocolate hazelnut coating, and decoration of homemade chocolate truffle ball with freshly chopped pistachio and macadamia nuts.

$350         Quantity
Creative Cake (15cm)
Chocolate coated gelato which is ready for your creative finish. We provide candles and greeting tag!
$300         Quantity

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Terms and Conditions

1.  Allow 7 days for your orders.

2. Greeting tag provided for you to write your message at time of collection.
Or option for us to write your greeting tag message.

3.  All online orders are for the regular 15cm cakes only.

4.  For custom made cakes and 18cm cakes, please consult our shop staff.

5.  We will contact you once we receive your order, pay at time of collection.