What makes XTC Gelato so xtra-ordinary?

XTC Gelato was founded in 2001 on the simple principle of making all natural, artisan gelato using only the freshest ingredients. This has made XTC Gelato into the respected, premium Hong Kong brand it is today. We now have three XTC Gelato shops, supply to some of Hong Kong’s top chefs, supermarkets and clubs, and operate a flourishing events business.

Seasonal flavours

Because all our ingredients are fresh, our collection changes with the seasons, reflecting the fruits that are available.

Message from Georgie

XTC Gelato began from humble beginnings, making the first ever handmade, artisan gelato in Hong Kong.

The discerning taste buds of the community saw an increasing demand for retail gelaterias, and we began to supply the top chefs in town.

Since then our whoesale and retail have grown and we added gelato carts for our XTC Gelato events business.

Thank you to our ever expanding family of customers and we will continue to offer XTC Gelato as the treat in your busy day!

Georgie Riley

Low in fat…full in flavour

XTC Gelato is healthy and densely flavoured. This is achieved by using naturally lower in fat Australian milk and only a small quantity of cream.

Good quality gelato accentuates the ingredient’s natural taste, so only the best fresh products flavour our gelato. Our pistachios are grown in Italian volcanic soil, our Valrhona chocolate comes direct from France and we only use the freshest Madagascan vanilla beans. And we use these ingredients with gusto. Generous quantities ensure that big hit of pure, intense flavour that sets XTC Gelato apart.

Made from scratch

Unlike standard ice cream, XTC Gelato is made from scratch right here in Hong Kong. From peeling and washing the fruit, to toasting and grinding the whole nuts, everything is done by hand.

XTC Collection

The XTC Collection comes in many forms. We can – and do – create virtually anything with our gelato: Mooncakes, chocolate coated gelato sticks, gelato cookie sandwiches and lots more!

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