Seasonal Special: Rose Raspberry Sorbetto

Our rose flavour has been very popular among our customers because the rose flavour is good enough and not too strong. It paris well with the natural raspberries.

*The flavours are display on rotation in the shops, so don’t miss the chance if you found this flavour in the shop!


*NEW* Gelato Cake

XTC Gelato has introduced a new range of gelato cakes, suitable for all occasions, kids’ party, birthday celebration, anniversary… Delight your beloved ones with our gelato cakes.
More details and order:


Scoops of XTC Gelato at the Longines Masters

XTC Gelato was at the Longines Masters for the first time this year serving customers from our booth in the Prestigue Village on 10,11 & 12 February. XTC Gelato was the first gelato business in Hong Kong and we continue to serve scoops of our fresh and natural gelato to all our fans!

Gelato fun workshop
We hosted a workshop where anyone at the show is invited. Everyone was pleased to join us and make their own mini gelato cookie sandwich!